The FLORIS code includes wake models, and a number of related analysis and visualization tools to be used in connection with wind farm controls research. A number of examples are provided in the directory examples/ to provide instruction on the use of most of the underlying codes.

For questions not covered in the examples, or to request additional examples, please first search for or submit your questions to stackoverflow.com using the tag FLORIS. Additionally you can contact the NREL FLORIS team at NREL.Floris@nrel.gov or Jen King and Paul Fleming directly.


A sample input file to the Floris model is provided here. This example case uses the NREL 5MW turbine and the Gaussian wake model as a reference. All model parameters provided have been published in previous work, but the inputs to the example input file can be changed as needed. However, be aware that changing these parameters may result in an unphysical solution. Many of the example files will make use of this example input.


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