FLORIS Wake Modeling Utility

For technical questions regarding FLORIS usage please post your questions to GitHub Discussions on the FLORIS repository. We no longer plan to actively answer questions on StackOverflow and will use GitHub Discussions as the main forum for FLORIS. Alternatively, email the NREL FLORIS team at christopher.bay@nrel.gov, bart.doekemeijer@nrel.gov, rafael.mudafort@nrel.gov, or paul.fleming@nrel.gov.

Background and Objectives

This FLORIS framework is designed to provide a computationally inexpensive, controls-oriented modeling tool of the steady-state wake characteristics in a wind farm. The wake models implemented in this version of FLORIS are:

  • Jensen model for velocity deficit

  • Jimenez model for wake deflection

  • Multi zone model for velocity deficit

  • Gaussian models for wake deflection and velocity deficit

  • Gauss-Curl-Hybrid (GCH) model for second-order wake steering effects

  • Curl model for wake deflection and velocity deficit

  • TurbOPark model for wake velocity deficit

Further, all wake models can now be overlayed onto spatially heterogenous inflows. More information on all models can be found in Theory Reference.

FLORIS further includes a suite of design and analysis tools useful in wind farm control and co-designed layout optimization. Examples include:

  • Methods for optimization and design of wind farm control and layout

  • Visualization methods for flow analysis

  • Methods for wind rose and annual energy production analysis

  • Methods for analysis of field campaigns of wind farm control

  • Coupling methods to other tools, including SOWFA and CC-Blade

  • Methods to model heterogenous atmospheric conditions

Example applications of these tools are provided in the examples/ folder, and it is highly recommended that new users begin with those in examples/_getting_started.

See [1] for practical information on using floris as a modeling and simulation tool for controls research.



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If FLORIS played a role in your research, please cite it. This software can be cited as:

FLORIS. Version 2.4 (2021). Available at https://github.com/NREL/floris.

For LaTeX users:

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